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S Assouline

Event-Free Survival As a Surrogate for Overall Survival in Relapsed DLBCL after Autologous Transplant: A Subgroup Analysis of LY.12 and Coral


M Maurer

Age and Time to Progression Predict Overall Survival (OS) in Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) Who Progress Following Frontline Immunochemotherapy (IC)


C Sarkozy

Mutational Landscape of Grey Zone Lymphoma


C Rossi

Stage IIb High Risk Hodgkin Lymphoma Treated in the H10 and AHL2011 Trials: Similar Efficacy of Both Strategies and Prognostic Impact of Baseline Tmtv and PET2 Response

P Rubinstein

Safety and Efficacy of Brentuximab Vedotin in Combination with AVD in Stage II-IV HIV-Associated Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: Results of the Phase 2 Study, AMC 085


A Stamatoullas

Brentuximab Vedotin in First Refractory/Relapsed Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients Treated By Chemotherapy (ICE) before Autologous Transplantation. Final Analysis of Phase II Study

L Oberic

Sub-Cutaneous Rituximab-Minichop Versus Sub-Cutaneous Rituximab-Minichop + Lenalidomide (R2-miniCHOP) in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma for Patients of 80 Years Old or More (SENIOR Study). a Multicentric Randomized Phase III Study of the LYSA

Posters LYSA ASH 2019
G Manson

Risk of Relapse after Anti-PD1 Discontinuation and Efficacy of Anti-PD1 Re-Treatment in Patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma

E Julia

Validation of the PRIMA-Prognostic Index for Patients Treated with Rituximab Plus Chemotherapy and Refinement of Prognostic Parameters for Patients on Rituximab Plus Lenalidomide in the Phase III Relevance Trial

E Bohers

Molecular Characterisation of Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma in Patients of 80 Years Old or More: Clinical Relevance in a Multicentric Randomized Phase III Study of the Lysa (SENIOR Study)

B Burroni

P16, c-Myc, SOX11, P53, ki67 and CD71Protein Expression in Aggressive Morphological Variants of Mantle Cell Lymphomas Compared to Classical Morphological Mantle Cell Lymphomas in Multiple Clinical Trials

H Ghesquières

Prednisone, Vinblastine, Doxorubicin and Bendamustine (PVAB) Regimen in First Line Therapy for Older Patients with Advanced-Stage Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: Results of a Prospective Multicenter Phase II Trial of the Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA)

H Ghesquières

Implication of Inherited Genetic Variants Associated with Follicular Lymphoma Susceptibility in the Prognosis of Patients Treated By Immunochemotherapy in PRIMA Study

C Cazelles

Rituximab Plus Gemcitabine and Oxaliplatin (R-GemOx) in Refractory/Relapsed (R/R) DLBCL. a Real Life Study in Patients Ineligible for Autologous Transplantation

F Le Bras

Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL): The Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) Registry Data


H Ghesquières

A French Multicentric Prospective Cohort of 6000 Patients with Integrative Epidemiological, Clinical, Biological and Treatment Data to Improve Knowledge on Outcome of Lymphoma Patients: Pilot Phase Results of the Real World Data in Lymphoma and Survival in Adults (REALYSA) Studs

C Caglayan

A Multistate Survival Analysis for Patients with Follicular Lymphoma (FL) Using 13 First-Line Randomized Trials from FL Analysis of Surrogate Hypothesis (FLASH) Group


V Bobée

Combining Gene Expression Profiling and Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose B-Cell non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

H Ghesquières

Individualized prediction of follicular lymphoma risk using a combination of blood t(14;18) frequency years before diagnosis and a polygenic risk score (PRS) of 9 SNPs associated with follicular lymphoma susceptibility