ASH 2020 | Edition virtuelle

Communications orales LYSA ASH 2020
Emmanuel Bachy

Final Analysis of the Ro-CHOP Phase III Study (Conducted by LYSA): Romidepsin Plus CHOP in Patients with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma

Olivier Casasnovas

PET-Guided Strategy Improves the Safety of Beacopp-Based Treatment in Advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma: Prolonged Follow-up of the Lysa Ahl 2011 Phase 3 Study

Mary Callanan

Predictive Power of Early, Sequential MRD Monitoring in Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow in Patients with Mantle Cell Lymphoma Following Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation with or without Rituximab Maintenance; Final Results from the LyMa-MRD Project, Conducted on Behalf of the Lysa Group

Posters LYSA ASH 2020
Vincent Camus

R-CHOP14 As a Standard of Care in Primary Mediastinal B Cell Lymphoma: A 10-YEARS Experience of Lysa Centers

Olivier Tournilhac

Addition of Brentuximab Vedotin to Gemcitabine in Relapsed or Refractory T-Cell Lymphoma: Results of a Lysa Multicenter, Phase II Study. “the TOTAL Trial”

Louise Bouard

Hypogammaglobulinemia during Rituximab Maintenance after Transplantation Is a Surrogate Marker for Disease Control in Patients with Mantle-Cell Lymphoma, an Analysis from the LyMa Trial

Sophie Bernard

Lenalidomide As Maintenance Therapy after R-CHOP Has No Protecting Effect for Central Nervous System Relapse in Frontline Treatment of Diffuse Large B-Cells Lymphoma. an Ancillary Studies of the Remarc Study

Catherine Thieblemont

The Combination of High Total Metabolic Tumor Volume and Poor ECOG Performance Status Defines Ultra-High Risk Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. Validation across Multiple Cohorts of Large Clinical Trials and in Real World

Amira Marouf

Amahrelis : Adcetris Maintenance after Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Hodgkin Lymphoma : A Real Life Study from Sfgmtc and Lysa Groups

Fabrice Jardin

Nivolumab in Combination with Gemcitabine and Oxaliplatin (GemOx) in Relapse/Refractory T-Cell Lymphoma: Preliminary Results of the Experimental Arm of the Niveau Trial